Founder Director and Principal Coach at a unique hand holding MISSION BRAND YOU Program, Ardent Educationist, Eminent Motivational Speaker eager to diligently contribute through his experience of over two decades.

His unique concept of hand holding MISSION BRAND YOU Program was conceived in 2019 and is an outcome of extensive innovative research and comprehensive evaluation of current trends, demands to develop a system of tools and methods for the development of our bright youth.

To empower the youth of India by evaluating and reinforcing training tools through continuous analysis and evaluation to suggest them with effective improvement strategies and developing life skills by taking care of every minute in every sphere of life so that they become a BRAND from their normal self, he with subject matter experts has developed a system for implementation with recommendations for improvement providing personalized attention and guidance to students and parents.

As the Founder and CEO of a leading Institute called “Global Institute of Language and Personality” (GILP), he is facilitating students to significantly increase their value through development of communication skills and interpersonal skills.

As the Director of “Delhi Institute of Computer Science”, he has been imparting excellent computer education for over two decades and is contributing to the society by his services in the education industry.

As a result-oriented synergist, with his proven strategies and excellent ability to use his clear understanding of procuring essential educational ingredients, well versed, well supported by his vast experience, he as a guiding soul, has helped many organizations including Management Colleges, Engineering Colleges, ITI’s, Polytechnic Colleges, Vocational Institutions, etc. in shaping from foundation stones like affiliation and collaboration to all possible needs of the industry and helped them to reach scalable heights.

With his high organizational skills, negotiation skills, flexible mentality and leadership skills, he has been continuously mentoring and imparting every possible help to many start – up organizations after identifying their challenges in the industry.

He has effectively designed, implemented and managed hundreds of successful training programs like - Train the Trainer Programs, Workshops, Seminars and Lectures to update teachers of thousands of schools and colleges, to integrate technology and innovate teaching-learning process.

He has passionately worked with millions of students at Schools and Colleges and improved them by delivering top-quality time-tested, strategic learning and retention tools to assess areas of improvement and guided them to choose their right career.

A self-motivated speaker of par excellence, a tirelessly hard working life-coach, a relatable and fun-loving person who enjoys mentoring people, always high on energy, he breaks the monotony of one sided-talk and power-point presentations, with engaging impactful sessions which has always spelled beautiful results, enabling people to mesmerize with his wise words, sharing real life experiences and excellent examples from History, Vedas and Scriptures motivating them and taking them onto a more confident and powerful path to success.

As a philanthropist with a heart of gold, he has tasked himself with implanting his Corporate Social Responsibility by taking care of many financially weak students by giving up to 100% scholarships in his Institutes.

He as the Secretary of the Award Council for Centre of Education Foundation also performs a role of Moderator for of the same.

In short, Mr. Manoj Sethi is an optimistic BRAND YOU Coach, Life Coach and a Career Coach, who has given a task to himself to manage the youth and making them realize their dreams, leading them towards the path of success with the help of right mentoring and guidance to the right career and cherishing the moments of their success, empowering and unleashing their true potential.



Success Assurance Seminar is for everyone who wants to take charge of their growth. There is always a lot of influence around us and have advice on almost everything. People generally tell you what to do all the time.


BRAND YOU program is a hand-holding program for youto be ‘BRAND YOU’ ! With brand you program you identify, adapt and act to change and accelerate your growth !


One to one coaching is a personalised hand-holding program for you to be ‘BRAND YOU’! Withone-to-one coaching you will get.


“A Master never teaches anything.” “His presence itself brings in dramatic changes in your whole being.”.


This Book is probably the most complete and comprehensive guide on the topic of BRAND where the author, MANOJ SETHI, is only concerned about YOU.

Yes! You can become a BRAND and based on his own incredible success, his knowledge, and insights, you all will experience a great journey throughout the book and each and every chapter will take you to build a personal brand that matters.

This book covers the easiest yet a realistic way for everything you need from the root to get started and make yourself a BRAND.

Let’s start the journey with the Author and experience a transformation from YOU to the NEW YOU


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Smridhi Gupta

Bal Bharti School

I am really thankful for the session with Mr. Manoj Sethi. It really helped me a lot. After the session, I have a clear view of what aspects I need to work on and how to deal with my weaknesses. Manoj sir was very kind and supportive throughout the session. He helped me to have a positive outlook on life. I have more clarity towards my career and life. Thanks again.

Vaibhav Gupta

Satyawati College

I recently got a chance to have one on one counseling session with Mr. Manoj Sethi. Before meeting him, it was like following the crowd because I didn’t know what to pursue and not aware of my strengths and interests. But after giving the Psychometric Test, which has been analyzed by Manoj Sir, and helped me recognized every aspect of my nature, mindset, and interests and helped me to choose the right career, strengths, weaknesses, and overall growth. It helped me to take a step closer to my goals just by trying to implement the guidelines provided in the session by Manoj Sir. Truly an Inspiration!

Seema Diwan

Home Maker

I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity of taking counseling for my daughter Shruti during an incredibly transformative time. His conversations and the modules are given to my daughter completely transformed her identity and take meaningful action toward sourcing and subsequently landing a new version of her. After multiple coaching sessions with Manoj, my daughter was able to approach every opportunity, conversation, and situation with confidence. I will continue to recommend Mr. Manoj Sethi to close friends and colleagues in need of a top-tier Personal Brand Coach and Mentor.

Sidharth Aggarwal


I found Mr. Manoj Sethi’s advice & recommendations to be more than what I could have hoped for. He was very attentive, thoughtful, & genuinely cared about wanting to make a difference throughout my sessions with him. Without a doubt, Manoj’s specific recommendations and suggestions on all aspects of the job search, networking, & personal brand truly made a difference for me in landing my new role. I feel fortunate to have Manoj’s advice & will always be thankful to him during my successful career transition.